The Alutrade AG is specialized on individual solutions in the area of extruded aluminum profiles. As a consistent series supplier, active in several sections like automotive and building industry or as a niche supplier in sections like decorative aluminum profiles from sun protect products and curtain rails to engineering profiles as a modular assembly system like Bosch and item compatible aluminum profiles, are we connecting constancy with know-how.
Beyond that Alutrade AG sets new standards like providing tools, consignment stock, pre-financing, pricing, optimizing and much more.
In the sections of extrusion, anodizing, coating and mechanical processing we work together with long-term international partners. As a commodity trader we are able to control the procurement in form as primary and secondary material and therefore we have a direct influence on the costs what makes the difference between classical trading and creates a uniqueness. Because of that there is an endless independence, flexibility and promptness in different markets at a constant level with a certain farsightedness.

“Everything is possible – Aluminum according to your measurements” – Alutrade AG